Rigorous problem-solving program

Develops Skills

Target the Question™ teaches students to:

  • Focus on the question
  • Eliminate extraneous information daily
  • Frequently solve multi-step problems
  • Use problem-solving strategies

Builds Confidence

  • Students discover they have the tools to solve any problem
  • Reluctant readers use the same weekly scenario to solve 1 new question per day
  • Confidence is built through familiarity and solving challenging questions

Easy Implementation

  • Only 10 minutes a day!
  • Complements any curriculum
  • Use as a warm-up, wrap-up, or sponge activity

Up to Date

  • Correlated to both the Common Core and math TEKS for grades K-7
  • Immediate updates to the latest standards with Virtual Board and PLUS licenses

Plus 1:1 Features

  • Includes a Virtual Board teacher license
  • STAAR Redesign question types for new online testing
  • Perfect for remote learning, pullouts, home practice, & make-up work
  • Realtime activity monitoring
  • At-a-clance completion reports
  • Perfect combination of personalized & instant feedback
  • Includes 6-week review of prior grade
  • Compatible with Google Classroom, Schoology, and more
  • Available for Grades K - 6
  • Available in Spanish Grades K - 5

Virtual Board Features

  • No download or setup required
  • Toggling onscreen tools to help in visualization and explanation
  • Includes 6 weeks review of previous grade level
  • Available for grades K-7
  • Available in Spanish for grades K-5

Bulletin Board Features

  • Familiar bulletin board design
  • Bright, colorful, year-round format
  • Easily accessible all day long for students

Typically, students look for key words, operate on given numbers, and give an answer without ever really thinking about what the question asked. Target the Question™ makes kids think! They are offered a single passage each week, then challenged to answer a different question each day about it while using a strategy. Carve out 10 minutes each day and watch your students become confident problem solvers as they pivot their focus from finding key words to actually understanding what the question is asking.

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